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Cycling up Mont Ventoux and around the hills of Provence

Our writer, Lorna recently cycled up Mont Ventoux and it seemed her efforts were worth it.

10 Things That Happen in Your First Year of Commuting

Here's what you can expect from your first year of commuting by bicycle

Could Beetroot Improve Cycling Performance?

We investigate the humble beetroot into why this vegetable receives such great press

The Benefits of Manuka Honey

It tastes great but can it do more?

10 Reasons we Can't Wait for the Clocks to go Forward

Longer days and warmer rides. We can't wait.

Ways to Beat Seasonal Affective Disorder (SAD)

If you're prone to getting down in the colder months, here are some tips to relieve symptoms of season affective disorder.

Celebrating the Dawn of Autumn on the Wiggle South Downs Sportive

TWC writer Lorna North tested out some new autumn kit at the dawn of the new season

When Wet Weather Strikes: Uplifting Ideas for Indoor Workouts

The weather might be hideous but there's plenty of active fun to be had indoors.

Cycling in Heels - 5 Women Who Do It Better Than Us

Cycling in heels is a real talent, here are some women who nail it

Loosen Up: How to Relax on a Road Bike

Sore shoulders after a ride? Being too tense on your bike can cause that...

5 Reasons to Buy a Dutch Bike

Thinking of adding an N+1? Why not think about going Dutch...

Pro-Cyclist, Dani King Shows us How to Stretch Key Cycling Muscles

Dani King demonstrates the cycling stretches she does to aid her recovery after a ride.

7 Signs You've Got a One-Track Bike Mind

Have you got cycling on the mind, all the time? Here are a few ways to tell.

Healthy and Nutritious Breakfast Smoothie Recipes

Get all your nutrients for the day down in one go!

10 Pieces of Spring Cycling Kit for the New Season

Here's a look at some of the gear we can't wait to wear this season...

10 Random Things we've Thought About on a Ride

We're never sure which parts of our brain we'll explore as we negotiate the countryside...

Pro-Files: Emma Johansson on the Women's Tour & Vacuuming the House to Unwind

We speak to the Swedish National Champion about professional racing and domestic tasks.

Pro-Files: Giorgia Bronzini on Trusting your Instinct to Win the Sprint

We speak to the Italian powerhouse about what makes a sprinter successful

Dutch Bike Review: The FOFFA Ladies Plume

We put this elegant bike to the test...