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When Wet Weather Strikes: Uplifting Ideas for Indoor Workouts

The weather might be hideous but there's plenty of active fun to be had indoors.

Even the hardiest of us cyclists have to admit defeat sometimes when it’s just too grim out there to warrant a safe and enjoyable ride.

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It can also be a good thing to get out of the saddle once in a while and work difference muscles or just reignite your motivation by doing something a little different.

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We’ve put together a list of ideas of things that you can do indoors that will get those endorphins going, uplift your mood and give you a good workout at the same time.




There is something about bouncing in the air that transports us straight back to childhood. That weightless feeling as you fly up and down is absolutely giggle-inducing and therefore a perfect indoor mood-booster if the weather isn’t performing.

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Continuous jumping and controlling your landing and arm movements is also a great way to get the heart pumping so as well as lifting your spirits, you’re also doing good things for your fitness.

Oxygen Free Jumping in London is a trampoline haven, wall-to-wall with pure bounce. They also run trampoline related fitness classes too if you are looking for a structured workout.

Indoor Climbing Wall

Indoor climbing or bouldering seriously tests your strength and agility as well as your confidence to keep reaching for the that higher ‘rock’ or bolted mound. Clambering around with only your fingertips and toes touching the wall, is actually quite exhilarating and routes are graded by colour to indicate various levels of difficulty.

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The indoor climbing wall has the ability to eek out muscles you never knew you had and the slight nerve-factor will mean that you engage everything you have for fear off falling! It’s a great challenge and a very exciting way to practice your bouldering technique without actually having to risk falling off a rock.

AntiGravity Yoga



Hanging upside down like a bat is strangely therapeutic and a great way to spend some time indoors. Founded  in NYC in 1990 by Christopher Harrison, AntiGravity yoga has roots in acrobatics, yoga, dance and gymnastics. It’s a good idea for cyclists to take a break from the saddle and take some time to stretch out tight muscles and floating mid air is an original way to do it.

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 Suspended in the air, in one of their signature hammocks allows you to explore different movements that you can’t do whilst on the ground. It challenges your balance and strength and visually just looks cool!

Click here to find out where you can practice AntiGravity Yoga in the UK.





We’ve seen a bit of a revival in circus arts recently with people getting into the aerial arts as a form of fitness. If we were to run away to the circus, it would probably be to have a go on the trapeze. Swinging through the air feeling like an acrobat is just so fun and also extremely challenging.

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Beginning with the basics of just launching and swinging on the bar, you’ll soon gain confidence and will be able pull your legs up onto the bar. Once you’ve mastered that, the sky’s the limit and you will not only gain strength but also learn a beautiful skill and one that looks really impressive!

There are also other options you can try such as aerial silks, hoops and ropes. Zu-Aerial run classes around the UK.

And there’s always the turbo…

Image: Kirsty Ho Fat


Some of us have a bit of a love/ hate relationship with the turbo but if it’s peeing cats and dogs out there and you need to train, there can be worse ideas than jumping on the turbs.

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For many cyclists, this is normally the time to catch up on that NetFlix series you’ve been following or all that TV on Demand you’ve been storing up for a moment like this. As long as you keep your cadence up and become so ensconced you stop peddling altogether, this is quite a good activity for a rainy day!

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Think of it as being an active telly addict. The two definitely cancel each other out!

Of course, if you are completely intent on heading out in the torrential rain and gale force winds, you might want to read our guide on cycling in wet weather. 

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