It's been a fantastic year at Total Women's Cycling. We've been on many adventures, interviewed some of the coolest riders in the world, and hopefully brought you guys a little joy along the way.

Of course, we keep an eye on which stories you enjoy the most - to make sure we bring you more of the same. So, now that 2016 is almost over, here's a look at which post tickled you guys the most.

The 15 Most Popular Total Women’s Cycling Posts of 2015

The most successful stories were selected by our magical elves, who downloaded all our super secret data and applied a pageview filter in descending order. Clever.

The One About Innies and Outies

innie or outie saddle comfort

Saddle discomfort is a big problem in women's cycling, but finding the perfect saddle (plus good shorts and correct bike fit) will get you on the way to success.

Cobb saddles came up with an interesting way of determining the perfect saddle for you. And you guys were interested...

See: The Saddle Comfort Question: Are you an ‘innie’ or an ‘outie’

The One About Crushing Negativity

dhb TWC20 2016

This story appearing in second place makes its writer very, very happy. Negative thoughts on the bike happen to all of us - and they can massively affect your confidence, performance and basic enjoyment. This article lists some of the most common anxiety triggers, and makes suggestions for what to think instead.

See: Negative Thoughts on the Bike: Tips for Blocking them Out

The One About Dating Female Cyclists

legs shaved car window dating cyclist

Being female cyclists ourselves, we know that we're awesome to date. To help out anyone who was less convinced, we listed all the reasons why...

See: 19 Reasons Why Dating a Female Cyclist is Awesome

The One About the Afghan Women's Cycling Team's Nobel Prize


Sometimes we feel like we're fighting an endless battle for equality in cycling. To be honest, sometimes that gets exhausting. But then we look at these riders who aren't just lacking in representation, aren't just lacking in kit or TV coverage - but who are actually persecuted for wanting to cycle. And we realise that we're very lucky. These women are incredible and we are so happy to see them being recognised for their bravery.

See: Afghan Women’s Cycling Team Nominated for Nobel Peace Prize

The One About Your Noisy Bike


Is your bike trying to tell you something? We listed some of the likely culprits, so that you and your steed can ride on in quiet appreciation...

See: 5 Most Common Annoying Noises Bikes Make and What They Mean

The One About the Sexist Knee Pads Advert

661 model

See above, where we said 'sometimes we get tired of fighting for equality'. Guys: grow up and let us enjoy our sport without objectification.

See: Why 661’s Sexist Marketing Image is Totally Enraging

The One Abut Lael Wilcox


This amazing adventurer beat everyone in the Trans Am bike race - including all the boys. Her nearest (male) competitor even suggested they 'cross the line together' - she told him no.

See: Female Cyclist Lael Wilcox Beats EVERYONE to Win Trans Am Bike Race

The One About Mario Cipollini Getting Naked


Erm, so that thing we said about objectification?

The difference is that Cipollini was making a statement (about where and when he wears a helmet), he looks strong not kind of weak and floppy, and he's not painted in the male gaze. So we reckon fair's fair. Regardless, obviously you guys liked it...

See: Mario Cipollini Strips Off in Response to Helmet Comments

The One About Beating Boys


As in riding faster than them! It's ok, no need to call the emergency services. Our readers loved the story about Lael Wilcox so much that we asked Trans Continental women's winner and Adventure Syndicate founder Emily Chappell to round up a few more inspiring riders just like her...

See: 10 Amazing Women Beating the Boys on Bikes

The One About Hill Reps


Want to get faster at cycling up hills? Then cycle up lots of them! Over, and over again... (with rests in-between).

See: How To: Use Hill Repeats to Become a Stronger and Faster Cyclist

The One About Why You Shouldn't Become a Cyclist

Smile happy

Stop! No! We didn't mean it...

See: 11 Reasons Not to Become a Cyclist

The One About the Note the Team GB Girls Left the Boys


This note was posted on Twitter from the GB Cycling Headquarters in Rio. The boys had won their medals, the girls still had everything to fight for. And they weren't taking any sh*t.

See: Team GB Girls Leave Note on the Door for Drunk Team GB Boys

The Serious One About Cycling Club Culture


A lot of the articles above are lighthearted, fun and cheerful. This one was more of a labour of love and we are so glad that you liked it.

Go on, read it. It's got a happy ending.

See: Should We be Worried About Changing Cycling Club Culture?

The One About Maintenance Mistakes


Buying a new bike is always an exciting feeling - you're riding away from the shop on a beautiful blank canvas. It's like an empty notebook or a white sheet of paper - but infinitely more exciting. Just don't figuratively scribble all over it in the wrong pen.

See: 5 Most Common Bicycle Maintenance Mistakes

The One About the Man Who Has It All


Confession: this one probably made it to the list because The Man Who Has It All shared it with his 140k followers on Twitter and 147k friends on Facebook ...

See: Man Who Has It All Highlights Gender Equality With Hilarity

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