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‘Man Who Has It All’ Highlights Gender Inequality with Hilarity

This awesome account has been around for a while, but just in case you missed it...

Gender inequality isn’t funny. But ‘The Man Who Has It All’ is absolutely hilarious. 

We’ve been following this gem of a social media account for some time and love the way its author makes serious points about the blatant sexism woven into our culture, poking fun as he goes.

The creator describes himself as a man ‘helping busy dads to juggle a successful career and fatherhood’. The satire has proved so successful he’s now got a book, entitled ‘From Frazzled to Fabulous’. 

Followers – of which there are 140k on Twitter and 147k on Facebook – can expect helpful advice (so commonly pumped out to women) around the correct number of almonds to eat when snacking, the perfect moment to grab some ‘me time’ (whilst the husband and children sleep), and important debate questions such as “is a man talking out loud in a meeting a sign of his promiscuity?”

As well as providing handy advice for men, that might seem pretty ‘normal’ when directed at women, Man Who Has It All also shares insightful quotes from ‘women’. These quotes perhaps resonate with us the most, because despite sounding utterly ridiculous coming from women, we’ve heard similar statements with the genders reversed made perfectly seriously.

Here are just a few of our favourites – from the Man Who Has It All Facebook page. Check it out for daily giggles (that make you think, as well) …

Female Before Athlete

Remember when that reporter asked Serena Williams if she considered herself “one the the greatest female athletes of all time” – and she answered “I prefer ‘the greatest athletes of all time”‘?

This one’s for every professional cyclist who happens to be female, who would really rather be ‘a cyclist’…

Femininity and Cyclist Mutually Exclusive

It’s scary how often we’re told: “Hey, you can still be a female cyclist and be feminine! Look at this great pink bike that tells that story VERY WELL”.

It’s always tempting to explain we’re absolutely aware that it’s possible to cycle and still have a vagina. Just ok as it is to like, or dislike, the pink bike – because surprisingly enough women and girls who like cycling are just as varied as men and boys who like cycling.

‘Pass’ for the Weekend

This one goes out to every woman who has ever listened to men going on an on about ‘getting a pass’ from their wives/girlfriends to go for a ride on the weekend…

Like a Girl

Thankfully, the wider world has started to realise that using the term ‘like a girl’ to describe doing something, well, badly -is wrong. Bradley Wiggins obviously missed the memo back in 2013 but he’s had enough grief over it he’ll probably never do it again.

Here’s to ‘Like a Girl’ being used as a complement!

Women Doing Things Different to Men Doing Same Things

We’ve heard women’s racing ‘isn’t as good to watch’ / ‘women never attack with confidence’ enough times. And it’s total rubbish. Thankfully with the UCI Women’s World Tour expanding and social and broadcasting requirements in place, the rest of the world is starting to sit up and take notice too.

Bikes not Barbies

Anyone else only start cycling when they grew up, moved out, and discovered their own likes and dislikes?

This one goes out to everyone who wishes they’d played with more bikes and fewer Barbies when they were little.

You’re allowed to cycle, isn’t that enough?

There are countries where it’s still illegal for women to be seen cycling in public. That’s terrible – though it’s totally cool how women in Iran are doing it anyway. 

However, it doesn’t mean it’s ‘ok’ to just stop the equality train at ‘Women Allowed to Ride Bikes’. No, we want equal opportunities.

Female Sports Journalists Ignore Men’s Sport (Well, yea – cos ‘unisex’ sports journalism ignores women)

We saved the most relevant ’til last.

Yep – we’re a women’s cycling title. We cover just women’s cycling. But since you can trawl through most ‘cycling titles apparently for all genders’ and not find a woman til page 120 (operating a machine in an advert) we kind of reckon it’s ok to prove a point.

Enjoyed these? We just highlighted some of our favourites. Find more at Man Who Has It All, or better still – check out the book! 


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