Ultra cyclist Jasmijn Muller has set a new indoor cycling record - surpassing the previous greatest distance set by Chris Hopkinson.

Muller successfully managed to ride 1,828km (1,135.9 miles), in 62 hours, 4 minutes and 30 seconds - with every pedal stroke recorded on social turbo training platform, Zwift. She started her pedal on Saturday at 3pm and finished on Monday.

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The former British national 12-hour time trial champion and 2015 BAAR winner was raising money for Cancer Research, as well as funds for her upcoming LEJOG record attempt - taking place in September.

Friends and supporters were invited to ride with Jasmijn via Zwift, and she held Facebook live sessions throughout - attracting messages of encouragement, questions, and total awe from viewers.

Commenting after her attempt (and following a long sleep!) Muller said: "Someone asked what moment I was most proud of during my Zwift Distance Record attempt. [It was] the moment of actually surpassing the previous record held by Chris Hopkinson, having people from around the world cheering me on - including so many women."

She added: "It was a proud moment to be able to prove that when it comes to endurance sports women can be just as good as men, and sometimes beat them. It felt amazing. I hope I did women around the world proud and gave them confidence to go after their own goals."

Throughout her very long pedal, Jasmijn was supported by Transcontienal winner Emily Chappell, her husband Chris, Shusanah Pillinger and performance psychologist Dr Josephine Perry - along with several other helpful feeders and encouragers.

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