It's been a long time coming for Tahnée Seagrave. The determined British racer has been hungry for the top spot ever since she entered Elites a few years back, and this weekend, she did it.

With Rachel Atherton out of action owing to a shoulder injury at Fort William the week before, the win was very much up for grabs at Leogang. Pocket rocket, Tracey Hannah took the win last weekend and qualified first for Leogang, but the bike park-like course this weekend played right into Tahnée's skill set as she put together a near flawless run.


Tahnée, who qualified second, sat in the hot seat whilst Tracey Hannah made her way down in her final race run. In what can only be described as an incredibly close race, Tahnée managed to hold onto that seat as Tracey finished less than a second behind.

Here's the final times and standing of the women's elite race:

  • Tahnee Seagrave – 3:36.082
  • Tracey Hannah – 3:36.775
  • Myriam Nicole – 3:38.582
  • Manon Carpenter – 3:39.027
  • Emilie Siegenthaler – 3:44.136

With a couple of weeks to rest and recuperate, the fourth round of the UCI World Cup takes place in Vallnord July 1st-2nd.