In 2014, Shanaze Reade will race on BMX's professional tour in the United States after deciding to move away from British Cycling's Olympic podium programme.

Shanaze Reade in action

British Cycling has today announced that four-time World BMX Champion Shanaze Reade will be taking time out of the Olympic Podium Programme to focus on the ABA BMX Series in America during 2014.

The 25-year-old, who won the team sprint world champion title on the track in 2007 and 2008 with Victoria Pendleton as well as her four BMX World Championship titles, won the first two rounds of the 2013 BMX Supercross World Cup Series and remained unbeaten before a knee injury forced her to withdraw from competing for the rest of the season.

Rather than continuing to compete for Britain and train alongside her national team colleagues, Reade has decided to take time out in a different environment across the Atlantic.

It means she will miss the BMX World Championships, scheduled to be held in Rotterdam next July, and rules her out of a return to the track at the Commonwealth Games.

After a difficult 2013 season, Reade spoke openly of the decision she has made: “Whilst I’m sad to temporarily move away from the GB Cycling Team, I’m also excited by the opportunity to race on the pro scene in America.

Shanaze will be flying the Union Jack over on American shores

"My ultimate goal is to win an Olympic gold medal, and I think my move to the ABA BMX series will help achieve this. I will be racing more frequently against world-class competition and I will be able to refine my technical skills in competitive race conditions."

She added: "I’m very grateful for all the support I’ve received over the years from British Cycling, my sponsors and my fans and it’s been great to have them on my journey so far. I’m looking forward to gaining more race experience out in America and using this in my campaign for Rio.

"British Cycling have given the decision their full backing as I continue to develop as an athlete and it is great to know I am able to return at any point in the future."

In response to Reade's decision, National Head Coach Shane Sutton commented in a statement released by British Cycling: “Shanaze has British Cycling’s full support to leave the programme to spend some time competing on the US circuit.

"Both I and her coach, Grant White, believe the experience she gains out there will be beneficial to her long-term Olympic ambitions. The door is always open to her as and when she decides to return to BMX Supercross.

"Shanaze has been a real asset to us over the years and she is an inspiration to youngsters which has always been great to see.

"On behalf of the GB Cycling Team, I’d like to thank her for what she’s done for the sport of BMX and wish her the best of luck on the next part of her career."