Many of us are aware of the supermarket chain, Aldi. Sure, they're great for stocking up on your groceries but from time-to-time, Aldi has gained more of a reputation for their ever-changing weekly and seasonal deals.

A few years ago, the German supermarket chain decided to dabble with cycling accessories including track pumps, tools and bigger brand names such as Muc-Off and GT85. With annual success, the store has teamed up with Crane to develop a wider collection of clothing and accessories with the first part of the 2017 collection being its biggest yet.

If you thought that was all for the year, then you were wrong. On 6 July, Aldi will be releasing the second collection to their summer range, the pro range. Admittedly, it's a smaller collection than the first, but with perfromance focused bib shorts, base layers, socks and more, Aldi are pulling out all the stops to cater for the wider cycling audience.

As ever though, once it's gone... it's really gone. So if you want to grab some supplies and stock up on your essentials, be sure to head to your local Aldi supermarket next week.

Here's a sneak peek at what to expect from the Aldi Pro Cycling collection...