2013 was my first year of racing and I was lucky enough to be chosen to become a team member on the ‘Twelve 50 bikes’ race team, so my favourite riding outfit for 2013 is my team race kit.

Mallett gear of the year 2

It consists of a printed race jersey, Osprey hydration pack, Fox ranger shorts, Fox knee and elbow pads, Fox carbon Rampage helmet, Fox digit gloves, Fox goggles and even Fox socks.

The kit has been through a lot with me, it’s been raced in all weathers from -10 and snow to 25degrees and sunny, and it’s shared a lot of emotions!

Twelve50 Bikes is a local bike shop run by 2 guys who have become great friends. Ask anyone who raced on the UK gravity enduro series and they’ll know the 12/50 kit! It was hard to miss us; bright yellow and blue jersey with bright blue shorts ensured we got noticed.

Mallett gear of the year

Fox Ranger shorts are a great lightweight, quick drying baggy XC short with liner included and has the all important mid race jelly baby pocket.

Fox Launch knee and elbow pads kept my bruises down to a minimum and were just about comfy enough to wear for a 6-hour race. (Our 2014 race kit has the new lighter Fox Enduro pads, which I’m looking forward to.)

The Osprey pack was great, and just big enough to carry the essentials for a day out racing- waterproofs, 3 litres of water, goggles, and race snacks provided for us by PowerBar.

I wore a Fox Rampage carbon full-face helmet for the whole race on each of the enduro races; although a chore to ride in for an hour up hill 5 times in a race (British Cycling rules) I knew that I would be well protected on those fast downhill sections, and inevitable race-fuelled crashes!

Headline image copyright Doc Ward.