Spiralizers are the newest health craze in the kitchen. They're great for vegetarians and gluten-free diets and, are also ideal for people looking to to cut down on carbohydrates, or to up their 5-a-day intake.

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The spiralizer is a gadget that allows you to turn your fruit and vegetables into pasta shaped pieces, bringing a whole new element to what you can do with your veggies. With varied prices across the market, you can pick one up for around £30, which isn't too bad considering how much they will revolutionise your cooking.

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Here are five healthy recipes to make with a spiralizer and we can't wait to have a stab at getting creative in the kitchen with these. If you happen to try these out, get at us on Twitter to show us your spiral snaps!


Nothing says guilt free more than this sweet potato fried rice. Because when we say rice, it's just spiralized sweet potato made to look just like it. Genius!

To make the rice, you use the spiralizer to make them into long shaped noodles and then use a food processor to cut them into smaller rice sized bites before popping them in a pan to cook. It's that easy.

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It's a filling and nutritious meal, made using very simple ingredients, giving you the option to have a healthy style takeaway whenever you feel like it at home.

Recipe: Inspiralized.


This fresh and vibrant tasting Moroccan style salad is a great way of sprucing up your lunch and takes just a few minutes to make.

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Carrots are ideal for using with spiralizers for salads, as there aren't many vegetables that taste as good as carrots when raw. You don't have to use roasted sea salt chickpeas for this, fresh ones from the can will do just the job but they won't give you the same crunchy kick!

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This recipe has us drooling at the mouth. Courgette is the best vegetable to start with when you first use your spiralizer as it's easy to cook with and forms great looking noodles.

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You can have your courgettes raw or cooked, but we much prefer the latter. You simply cook the courgette as you would with pasta, it's that simple. And although this recipe may look a little intimidating, it's takes just 12 minutes to prep and cook! Impressive.

Recipe: Inspiralized.


Veggie crisps are one of our favourite snacks in the entire world, and these curly parsnip fries show you just another exciting way to get the most from your spiralizer.

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After turning your parsnips into some funky looking swirls in the spiralizer, then all that's left is to add some spice of your choice and bake for 20 minutes.

And voila, you have yourself a healthy batch of fake fries!

Recipe: Inspiralized.


Soup is the most ideal meal to have during the dreary months, being the ideal nutritious winter warmer that can help to keep your immune system up to scratch.

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This recipe is topped with home made baked kale chips which add a lovely salty crisp to the carbless soup, reducing any temptation to have it with a slice of bread or croutons.

You can make an extra large batch for this one, take it into work for lunch and then shove the rest into the freezer until needed!

Recipe: Inspiralized.