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4 Gross Things that can Happen when you Sit in Dirty Kit

Before you flop on the couch after a ride, get changed!

We’ve all been there and experienced the relief and exhaustion that washes over us after a good riding session. Kicking off our cleats, our bodies begin to uncontrollably shut down into recovery mode, and that often means falling into the nearest and softest location for a rest.

Before you get comfy though, you should really get changed out of your riding kit, and here’s why…


Conjunctivitis – a.k.a pinkeye – is a very common bacterial infection which causes irritation, redness and inflammation of the outer most white layer of the eye, and eyelid.

Most children suffer with spells of conjunctivitis as dirty hands spread bacteria, especially with rubbing tired eyes. When you workout, you produce sweat and when you ride bikes or train at the gym, there’s a lot more external germs and bacteria that you can come into contact with.

Bacterial and Fungal Infections

You’re warm, sweaty, dirty and maybe damp… sounds like the prefect breeding conditions for a bacteria. Fungal infections can commonly evolve into athlete’s foot, and even yeast infections. Bacterial infections can get especially bad if you have any open wounds where dirt and grime can get in. Another great reason to shower off after a workout.

Our top tip: if you can’t get changed and have a shower straight after a ride or workout, carry some handy body wipes with you and a towel to help remove bacteria build up.


For many of us, acne begins in our teens and just keeps going. What’s worse is that it isn’t always localised to the facial region. Acne can appear anywhere on the body, and it’s quite common amongst athletes and gym-goers.

Contrary to popular believe, sweating doesn’t clear out your pores. In fact, your sweat can trap in dirt and bacteria, causing your pores to become clogged and thus acne to form. Common areas of the body to suffer are the shoulders, chest and of course… the face.

Another form of acne is getting inflamed hair follicles, Folliculitis. Irritation from tight rubbing clothing and bacteria can cause your hair follicles to become sore, swollen and lead to ingrowing hairs.

That smell is you

While fresh sweat doesn’t smell, it soon begins to blend with bacteria on the skin which transfers to clothing and starts to smell. Unfortunately for cyclists and gym-goers, the odour responsible bacteria, micrococci, thrives on polyester material which will turn your fragrance free sweat into something wholly undesirable.

Don’t be that person with the lingering body odour.

Regardless of how tired you are, how comfy your clothes are, get out of them and get in the shower to prevent a lot more than bad B.O.

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