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Luckily, we have selected some convenient and secure bike storage solutions to free up space in your home.

[part title="Bike Hangar"]


The most common style for an outside bike box is a metal cylindrical cage secured to the floor, with rails inside for the bikes to be secured to and a locking door. Bikes are protected from vandals and harsh weather conditions but may require planning permission if placed on a pubic highway.

Pricing from around £2,600

Available from Cycle Hoop

[part title="Bike Shelf"]

bike shelf

The bikes are lifted from the floor and are hooked onto wooden or steel shelves, secured by wall studs. If you are a dab hand with a hammer these can by made at home or bought online in variety of styles and colours.

Pricing from around £60-£300

Available from Cycle Hoop

[part title="Cycle Stand"]


Pricing from £29.99-£120

Available from Broxap

[part title="Bike Hoist"]

bike hoist

Pricing from £6-£35

Available from Screwfix

[part title="Bike Hooks"]

bike hook

Pricing from £2.99-£20

Available from Wiggle

[part title="Bike Shed"]


Bike sheds are great for storing multiple bikes and can be placed outside freeing up more room in your home. Go for sheds with doors that open on the sides and not the top, as this often causes bikes to be piled on top of each other. They can be built from plastic, wood or metal and are also great for storing spare tools and tyres.

Pricing from around £100-£500

Available from Shed store

[part title="Ceiling Bike Rack"]

bike ceiling mount

Pricing from to £80-£160

Available from Chain Reaction Cycles

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