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If you are following the 100 Mile Sportive Training Plan, then you are at the half way point of finishing Phase 2 and preparing to enter Phase 3&4. The training plan will continue to increase your mileage to the all-important century and also develop you as a cyclist.

Training Plan for a 100 Mile Sportive : Part 1

You may be feeling a bit daunted by the prospect and also a little concerned about fitting your training into your lifestyle. Is achieving a balance between work, family and training a myth?

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Finding the time to balance cycling and the rest of your life can be a challenge. You may work long hours, run a busy household, have a partner and children and also want to ride your bike.

The first thing is to sit down and conduct a ‘lifestyle’ audit – this sounds very complicated but it is simply working out how many hours a week you have available to train. I do this with all of my clients, we work out the available training time and we start from there.

Training plan for a 100 Mile Sportive : Part 2

Then, look at your week and figure out how to organise your training with other commitments – can they be combined? Recovery and endurance rides make great commutes to and from work, is it possible to ride to the location of a family day out whilst they take the car?

You can also invite friends or your partner on your recovery rides – this will create some quality time whilst making sure you keep in that slow recovery pace!!

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Keep your family involved in your training and event planning. Look at family friendly events where there are activities for children (the Cycletta series offer a Scootathon for the kids).

Make a weekend out of your planned sportive by camping or once your finished cycling visit a nearby place of interest. Planning with your family can go a long way towards keeping them involved and supportive of your cycling.

Training for your First 100: Route Planning for Cycling

Also, think ahead and look at your long-term schedule for the entire year with your family and discuss your cycling plans and goals. If you have a good idea of the dates of your planned event and rest times, often these could coincide with family holidays.

Lastly, don’t use all your ‘favours or passes’ up at once, try and ration yourself across the whole of the season to avoid early season friction and if your partner is really supportive with your training show how much you appreciate it.


If you have a limited amount of time to train, make the most of it. Know the reason for each workout, and maximize your workout to reach that objective.

Training for your First 100: Planning your Nutrition

That doesn’t mean that every ride has to be fast or intense but just make sure it supports your overall goal.

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Be prepared to be flexible: The demands of a career and/ or children aren’t easy to predict so don’t stress if the bike has to take a back seat for a couple of days.

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Many cyclists put a lot of extra unnecessary strain on themselves to do well. Most of us are amateur enthusiastic cyclists, where cycling is hobby and keeping things in the correct perspective will go a long way toward keeping your life in balance.