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Oversocks, Overshoes and Toe Covers for Spring Cycling

Looking to shed layers but keep your toes warm? Here are the options...

Oversocks, overshoes AND toe covers? We know, you’re wondering how much protection your toes could possibly need – the answer is probably not all of the above, but perhaps two of the three.

As spring begins to dawn, you’ll probably find you don’t need the full winter tights and heavy duty booties of the coldest months, you may be swapping them for shorts and leg warmers and shiny summery shoes.

Shedding the winter layers is a lovely feeling, but more often than not there’s still a slight bite in the air for a couple of months to come – and that bite has a tenancy to nibble at your hands and toes, the extremities that are exposed and ‘out on a limb’, quite literally. That’s where gloves and all manner of feet warmers come in.

There are a range of options – here’s a look at some of our favorites…


Oversocks are the lightest, most inexpensive option. They’re literally socks that stretch over your shoes, and have holes in the bottom for your cleats and heels.

These won’t provide any protection from the rain, and nor will they ensure you maintain feeling in your toes at 0 degrees. However, if conditions are mild and there’s just a light chilly breeze, they’re perfect.

Usually less than £10, oversocks are often knitted (just like normal socks) and they serve the dual purpose of keeping your nice clean shoes clean all year. We wouldn’t advise spending too much on these either – any woven item that’s going to be in regular contact with the ground won’t last forever, these generally need replacing each year unless you’re Captain Careful.

There are various options around, but we particularly like Mavic’s visibility aiding bright yellow pair. These are available in black too, and we’ve seen them for as little as £7.

Waterproof oversocks

Oversocks are usually just light covers, but you can get versions that protect you from the rain too.

SealSkinz are known for providing the best waterproof socks and shoes, and we’d recommend their £38 oversocks. These use their own patented StretchDry technology, and are totally waterproof as well as being windproof and breathable.

These are available in a range of colours, and also feature some reflective details for extra safety.

Toe covers

Another step down in the rung of warmth are toe covers. These literally cover your toes, fitting around the cleat and finishing mid-food.

Toe covers are generally designed to be used alone, but if you’re really suffering with cold feet you can also wear them underneath overshoes or oversocks as an extra line of defense.

Toe covers are generally more sturdy than oversocks, often made of a much more durable and sometimes waterproof material, with careful stitching around the holes left for cleats.

Our favourites come from Pactimo – they’re made from an Italian wind and water resistant fabric and feature a brushed fleece inner to really add an extra barrier. The toe seams are reinforced and the fabric is quite durable – we’d expect these to last more than one season, and they’ll only set you back £15. 

Waterproof overshoes

Proper overshoes are usually the kind of item you’d be buying in preparation for winter – but if you’re getting cold feet there’s no reason you can’t continue wearing them in to spring.

There are many different styles of overshoe – but if you’re going to go all out and get a heavy duty layer, you may as well go for one that’s waterproof too. These will usually have sealed seams, and extra details around the ankles to stop drips getting in as well as careful taping around the cleat openings.

Our favourites are Castelli’s Diluvio shoe covers. These are made from 3mm neoprene fabric – much like a wetsuit, your body temperature creates warmth which is locked in, whilst water is locked out. They’re made from a stretchy material, but it is delicate – meaning they’re susceptible to rips at the toe when you put your feet down. These are the most expensive, at £35, but they are the warmest and most protective of the lot. 

Aero booties

Now for something completely different! Those after an aero advantage can spend thousands of pounds on aero bikes, aero helmets, skinsuits and everything else that’s slippery but it’s often said that the nobbles and fasteners on your shoes can negate some of those savings.

Aero shoe covers simply provide a wrap around the shoe to smooth out air flow – and the current favourites are those from veloToze. Not only do these come right up to the calf, but they’re made of the same material as swimming caps, and they’re waterproof.

At just £15, these are proving very popular among the British time trial crowd, just be aware that they tend to cause your feet to produce an alarming amount of sweat, and there’s a bit of a knack to getting them on!

Cold feet are never fun – here’s some more advice on how to avoid that nasty frosty feeling in your toes. 

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