The 4th edition of TRANSPYR lasts for 8 days, links the Mediterranean Sea with the Atlantic Ocean, and has the added challenge of crossing the Pyrenees in between. Cycling from the 6th to 13th July 2013 you will take in an array of both changing and challenging landscapes for more than 800 km over 20,000 meters of altitude change.

Each stage of TRANSPYR has an average distance of over 100 km and 2,500 m of altitude gain, making it a truly unique event and one of the toughest mountain bike trials in Europe. The race attracts the most experienced mountain bikers from around the world and registration for the fourth edition has once again broken the yearly records, consolidating this event in the stage mountain bike challenges.

Certainly a bonding experience, this race is not for the faint hearted.

This year, the route has been designed to combine spectacular scenery and a challenging itinerary to maintain the events unique personality. In order to face the difficulty, participation is in teams of 2 or 3 riders, so get calling your girlfriends. Starting on the beach of Roses beside the Mediterranean Ocean and finishing up in San Sebastian, at the Atlantic Ocean, your epic riding will be rewarded with some breathtaking scenery.

The kudos cyclists receive from crossing the finish line is what encourages riders to take up the challenge, confirming they survived one of the most demanding mountain bike events in the world, fully justifying its nickname: 'The Graduate in Mountain Bike'.

More information for this formidable race can be found on the TRANSPYR website. We'd be interested to hear from anyone who has registered for this gruelling race, so get emailing.