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Cycling clothing brand Vulpine have launched their new autumn/winter collection with a rather interesting video.

The video is described as: "A strange tale from Vulpine of a cycling day for three friends. A city exploration becomes a dark forest escape from reality. The present interchanges with memory and contradicts. Its a little bit unsettling."

The range is all about allowing inclusivity and celebrating enjoyment in cycling. The brand have always produced clothing for women and men in equal measures, and say: "Vulpine continues to lead women’s cycling apparel, with a full women’s range and equal airtime, still sadly unusual in the cycling, and even wider sports world."

Vulpine founder and creative director Nick Hussey explained to us that he wanted the video to be 'different from anything seen in cycling right now', saying: "I wanted to spice things up a bit and be more creative."

Hussey said: "I want to make cycling a less intimidating place, more rich and diverse. We don’t want to just make clothes, we want get across the wonder and freedom of riding. I hope that creativity helps get that across, and that the film inspires existing and new riders to explore cycling further."

Vulpine kit is always purposefully designed for "ride and destination" - meaning you can wear it on and off the bike.

Velo City Girl blogger and Cycle Show presenter Jools Walker has worked with the brand since inception and features in the video - she said: "it was a lot of fun to film."

Enough talk - check it out:

The film was shot by music video director James Ward in Helsinki, the music was composed by Ben Chatwin.

You can see the range here and read TWC reviews of Vulpine clothing here.