The stars of the UCI Women's Road World Cup could soon be wearing bike jerseys designed by you. Imagine watching the 2014 World Cup road races unfold, with riders such as Marianne Vos sporting your very own creation.

The Union Cycliste Internationale (UCI), the governing body of professional cycling, has launched a competition for anyone (over the age of 18-years-old) to design jerseys for the four different race classifications in the 2014 Women's Road World Cup.

This competition could be a great platform for the UCI to showcase the improvements they've made to the 2014 Road World Cup.

They've committed to increasing the number of races to nine, up from the eight that made up the last two season-long series in 2012 and 2013.

The UCI have also introduced three new classifications, which mean sprinters, climbers and young riders will all now have the opportunity to wear a jersey, as well as the overall series leader.

For the jersey competition, this means more opportunities to win as all four jerseys need to be designed; overall leader, best sprinter, best climber and best young rider.

The Women's World Cup jersey was first worn in 1998, and looked remarkably similar to the men's. Designed with a vertical rainbow stripe down the left side, it was only in 2002 that this changed to the current design - blue top and rainbow on the chest and shoulders.

So with pencils, crayons and pens in hand - get creating! We'd love to see a Total Women's Cycling reader win the competition.

Be warned, there are a few rules and regulations you need to follow when designing your jersey - one being "all jerseys must have a white 30cm x 10cm space on the front and rear."

So, how do you go about getting your design considered?

All the information you need to enter the contest are on the UCI's official website at: However, as a brief overview to see whether you would like to get involved:

Step 1

Fill out and accept - Submission and UCI Rules and Regulations Form

Step 2

Design your jersey(s) - let your creative juices flow freely

Step 3

Send your design with the completed submission form to either of the following addresses:


- The UCI address if you have any questions

International Cycling Union (UCI)

Jersey Design Contest

Ch. de la Mêlée 12

1860 Aigle


Step 4

Begin the wait until December to find out whether you are the big winner !

For full details on the jersey design competition visit the official UCI website.

Headline image by AP Photo/Luca Bruno