New UCI President Brian Cookson, formally President of British Cycling, appears to be delivering on his manifesto pledges with the announcement of the new appointments to the UCI commissions.

President of British Cycling Brian Cookson will facilitate the meeting.

Cookson promised that each of the 18 commissions would now have at least one female member, certainly a step in the right direction. The UCI also announced the creation of three new commissions; the International Development and National Federations’ Commission, a Constitutional Review Panel, and a Women’s Commission.

I am delighted by this announcement, which helps reinforce the presence of women in cycling. It was one of the priorities of my mandate along with the international development of cycling and the reform of the governance of the UCI. Today we continue working to ensure our pledges are met.

Brian Cookson, UCI President.

Helen Wyman is one of the new appointees, joining the Cyclocross commission. Brazillian cyclist Andrea Marcellini will head up the Women's Commission, joined by Specialized-lululemon team manager Kristy Scrymgeour, Karen Bliss, Katie Compton and Emma Pooley.

The full list of commissions is as follows;

  • Road
  • Track
  • Mountain Bike
  • Cyclocross
  • BMX
  • Trials
  • Paracycling
  • Indoor Cycling
  • Cycling for all
  • CAD – Anti-doping
  • Medical
  • Disciplinary & UCI Arbitral Board
  • International Development & National Federations
  • Athletes
  • License
  • Ethics
  • Constitutional Review Panel