Words by Amy Sedghi

Nothing quite beats an early morning ride, where your efforts are rewarded with a glorious sunrise and the heat of it slowly warms you up.

Now, we know that kind of magic is still a way away here in the UK, but Australian road cyclist Tiffany Cromwell’s collaboration with Rapha has certainly got us dreaming.


“I love watching the sunrise over the Adelaide hills as I’m riding down towards the beach to meet the group" - Tiffany Cromwell, Canyon//SRAM

Inspired by Cromwell’s early morning training rides in Australia, the limited edition capsule collection entitled ‘Ode to the Sun’, features a striking colour-burn design evocative of a beautiful sunrise, from deep blue rising through to a glorious yellow. A pattern, inspired by the Japanese Asanoha print representing growth and good health, is also incorporated.

“Early morning bunch rides are a big part of Australian ride culture," explains Cromwell, who rides as part of the Canyon-SRAM team. "We’ll do 100km full gas before 10 am but then when you finish you feel so good about yourself - and the coffee always tastes better too."

Comprising of seven items, Ode to the Sun contains a jersey, bib shorts, base layer, support bra, socks and two cap designs. Here are our favourite picks of this collection:

Souplesse Flyweight jersey


The short-sleeved jersey is made from lightweight fabric, perforated for breathability on those hot, hard rides (maybe one to save for the summer months). The striking print, though rises from deep blue and purple, through red, pink and orange to a warm yellow. It’s vibrant, fun and cheerful. Much like the Aussie rider herself.

Available here in sizes xx.small to x.large for £125.

Souplesse Flyweight bib shorts


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“Our lightest ever women’s bib shorts" claim Rapha, the Souplesse Flyweight bib shorts are created from a featherlight fabric which promises great performance in hot weather. Although it’s most likely that the fade design on the upper half will be hidden under your jersey, the gripper has a striking flash of the red-hot sun design.

Available here in sizes xx.small to x.large for £170.

Lightweight socks


Durable, lightweight and with soft, high wicking yarn. Yes, that all sounds and we're sure feeling rather good too, but look at the design. Bright, zingy and a serious show stopper in sock format. It’s enough to make you feel awake as you drag yourself out for that early morning ride.

Available here in sizes x.small to large for £15.