British World Champion Trials athlete, Martyn Ashton took to social media in order to raise money for next year's rehabilitation and essential home modifications.

Arguably a legend of the industry, Ashton rose to fame for his skills and aerobatic stunts on the bike. Having secured himself the world record title for highest bike jump, Martyn is 4 time British bike-trail champion and World Champion also.


An inspiration to a whole generation riders and athletes, it was a painful blow for us all when in 2013, Martyn Ashton dislocated his T9 and T10 vertebrae after falling from a 10ft bar. Despite the accident leaving Martyn paralysed, he continues to be a positive influence in the cycling community, and has been undergoing painful rehabilitation ever since.

Earlier this month, Martyn took to social media in order to raise funds for his expensive rehabilitation equipment, physiotherapy and essential home modifications. To do this, he was offering up his C59 Colnago Road bike which was used in the brilliant Road Bike Party 2 video, alongside Danny MacAskill and Chris Akrigg (video below).

colnago ashton bike

Ashton's remarkable friends and fans on Facebook urged him to keep the bike and instead create a Go Fund Me page, which is just what he did. His target was to raise £7,000 for 2016, but in the 24hrs following its launch, this amount has been obliterated.

The page was set up on December 19th 2015, and in just 24hrs, Martyn had raised a staggering £29,000 with hundreds of people donating to his cause. For a man who spent his life being a role model to so many riders, and for overcoming a life changing accident, it's our chance to support him when he needs it most.

The total now stands at little over £40,000 with over 2600 generous donations.

To donate to Martyn Ashton's rehabilitation, please head over to his Go Fund Me page.