unstealable bike

Bike theft has been taken to a whole new level in certain cities around the world. It seems that even the most expensive bike locks are not enough of a deterrent as thieves have now opted to saw through railings and remove Stop! Signs sliding the bike up and over signposts.

Every day we see new bike locks appear on Kickstarter claiming to be THE indestructible lock. But alas the newest and the best is just a new puzzle to be solved for the best of the best bike thieves out there. However it seems that one company has gone one step further in a bid to out-smart them.

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Three Chilean engineers have designed a bike which they claim is, once properly locked up, impossible to steal without breaking. Called the Yerka Project, the bike maintains the design of your average urban bicycle but incorporates a closing frame device which means the only way to break the lock is to break the frame.

"We are three engineering students, that being victims of the theft of our bicycles, decided to develop a technology that prevents this," said engineers Juan, Andres and Cristobal. "Today we continue to develop this project, which we believe will be a huge help for all of you, bike enthusiasts."

Now of course this idea does nothing to protect bikes you already own but instead offers the ‘unstealable’ commuter bike. We are not sure it will take off, but we are always happy to see new ideas to combat bike theft.

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