protein bagel

[related_articles]Currently, the only flavour on offer is a multi-grain seed savory option, but a cinnamon and raisin version is on the way soon.

The range is designed for people who want to get their post workout fix, but would rather tuck into a sandwich or a pasta meal, than a protein shake.

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Many cyclists struggle to include enough protein in their diets for adequate recovery so an extra serving certainly couldn't go amiss.

For those trying to lose a couple of pounds, protein can keep you fuller for longer, and has been shown to be effective for many.

Current CTT National Time Trial Champion Hayley Simmonds told TWC she lost 45kg of excess weight by upping her protein uptake, and cutting out processed carbs, telling us in an interview: "I’m really big on the high protein, with lots of vegetables and very low on white bread and white pasta. That’s been the big change."

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Each of the new bagels provides around 24g of complete protein, that's around the same amount as one chicken breast, and 28g of carbohydrate.

The company already produce bread and pasta, and a spokesperson said they were responding to a huge demand from the public. You can pick up Dr Zak's products at leading nutrition stores, or online - the bagels are currently £3.50 for a pack of four.

Would you swap your normal bread for a protein packed version?