Aldi are well known for their 'Specialbuys' ranges: one off bulk orders at exceptionally low prices, available until-stocks-last.


Hopefully you rocked up at a previous Specialbuys camping range launch in preparation - because we've just discovered that there will be a new selection of cycling gear available from September 24, including a mega Garmin deal.

We've been impressed with previous Aldi Specialbuys cycling kit offerings. It'll never be premium, but it will certainly do the job and will cost you an arm and a leg less than some of the posher gear around.

As well as the Aldi own brand clothing, the range is fronted by a very special offer: a Garmin Edge 500 GPS computer at a shocking £79.99.

Here's a look at the full range....

garmin-edge-500-gps-enabled-computer (1)

The Edge is the standout product, at £79.99. The Garmin Edge 500 GPS computer tracks speed, distance, elevation, heart rate and power when combined with Ant+ monitors.

Garmin units are notorious among UK cycling retailers as having a poor mark up - pricing is rarely reduced by that much because even the major retailers aren't making a lot of money from selling them, even at the full RRP. In fact, if they're reducing them, it's mainly in the hope you'll buy something else whilst you're there.

We can only assume Aldi have managed to swindle an amazing deal with Garmin, or they're using this little offer to get you in store to buy the jackets - which, at £29.99 - you might be wise to do!

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For those planning on a little indoor training, Aldi have a turbo trainer for an incredibly competitive £49.99. It comes with a handlebar mounted lever to adjust resistance (usually found on much more expensive versions) and a riser block (so you don't have to get sweat all over the Yellow Pages).

Alongside a range of cleaning kit (Muc-Off, GT85 and so on) you can also snap up an Aldi bicycle maintenance stand for £29.99.

Aldo performance

The range includes a full set of 'Pro-Cycling' performance wear - and unlike offerings from many cycling clothing manufacturers, pretty much every item is available in women's fit.

The women's performance cycling jersey (£29.99) is made from a breathable lycra, and has 'dry-faster' moisture zones. Accompanying women's bib tights (£29.99) feature a coolmax gel pad, that is designed for long distance miles and there are lower leg zippers and some reflective details.

There is also a women's winter cycling soft-shell jacket (also £29.99) wool blend socks for £3.99, and a pair of lobster gloves for £7.99.

Lobster style gloves - where only fingers and thumb are separated - help reduce numbness in cold conditions. We'll have to wait until we have samples to comment on the fit, but the lobster style is a great option for those who suffer with cold hands so definitely worth a look.

Aldi are also making sure that riders are hydrated and well fed - with 99p energy gels and £2.99 electrolyte tablet packs. We've yet to try and taste.


For those who don't want to emulate the pros, there's also a less 'high end' selection of kit, and plenty of accessories that every cyclist needs.

A key highlight is the Cycling Rain Jacket, available for men and women at £29.99. Aldi assure us that it features Storm Guard Protection and is wind and waterproof, whilst still being breathable. Manufacturers have to meet a set of standards before they can call something 'waterproof', so we reckon this could be a winner if you just want to stay dry on the commute, provided you're not after performance level breathability.

There is also a lovely looking flouro cycling jacket (£16.99 - bottom left) as well as cycling shirts (top left - £9.99 and available in black and flouro yellow). To finish that all off, you'll obviously need some ladies cycling tights (£13.99).

Aldi are also laying out the accessories - with the £15.99 merino base layers and waterproof socks for just £12.99. Cycling's autumn heroes, arm and leg warmers are just £7.99, as are overshoes, whilst the gloves are £4.99.

aldi 3

It just keeps on coming, doesn't it?

Cycle commuters are likely to make up a large bulk of those rushing to Aldi for value goods - and they've catered for them with a wide range of kit.

The selection includes a trail backpack, in pink, blue and black - for £19.99., and for those rainy rides there are waterproof backpack covers for £4.99.

The range includes a selection of different light offerings - from the 'premium' at £8.99, with USB charger, to the simple £4.99 battery powered option. You'll also find an 'armoured' bicycle lock for £4.99.

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To keep bikes running smoothly in winter muck, there is branded Slime Bike Tyre sealant for £4.99, Muc-Off for £3.99 and GT85 for £1.99.

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We've run through the highlights - but we wouldn't want you to miss anything.

Here's the full list, to make sure you know exactly what's there - before you get your camping kit out for September 24... (M/L means the items is available for men and ladies - we had to check too..)

M/L Performance Cycling Winter Jacket £29.99

M/L Performance Jersey £29.99

M/L Performance Bib Tights £29.99

M/L Waterproof Lobster Gloves £7.99

Performance Cycling Wool Blend Socks £3.99

Garmin Edge 500 £79.99

Turbo Trainer £49.99

Premium Cycling Shoes £24.99

Bicycle Tool Set £19.99

Trail Backpack £19.99

M/L Cycling Rain Jacket £19.99

M/L Winter Cycling Jacket £16.99

M/L Merino Base Layer £15.99

Ladies Cycling Tights £13.99

Men's Cycling Tights £13.99

Waterproof Socks £12.99

M/L Ultra Bright Cycling Shirt £9.99

M/L Winter Cycling Shirt £9.99

M/L Cycling Compression Base Layer £9.99

Bike Stand £29.99

Premium Bike Lights £8.99

Cycling Leg/Arm Warmers/Overshoes £7.99

Armoured Bicycle Lock £4.99

Bike Tyre Sealant £4.99

Front/Rear Led Bicycle Lights £4.99

Cycling Accessories £4.99

Helmet/Backpack Cover £4.99

Winter Cycling Gloves £4.99

Reflective Bands £3.99

Bike Helmet Light & Micro Lights £2.99

Electrolyte Tablets £2.99

Ergonomic Cycling Socks £2.99

Bike Maintenance Spray £1.99

Energy Gels £0.99

Muc-Off £3.99

Enjoy! We'll have samples of this kit in soon for a closer look, but for an example of previous Aldi kit, check out our close ups of their MTB range.