Have scientists in Imperial College, London created a game changing invention in the form of an edible water bottle?


Your eyes are not deceiving you, scientists have indeed come up with an edible water bottle to try and solve the problem of the billions of containers that are disposed of across the planet every year.

The alternative, known as Ooho looks like a jellyfish or clear dumpling and is made from calcium and algae.

To make the bottle, students gave a frozen ball of water a gelatinous layer by dipping it into a calcium chloride solution.

They're then soaked the ball in another solution made from brown algae extract to encapsulate the ice in a second membrane, and reinforce the structure.

It doesn’t sounds totally appetizing. Thousands of prototypes were created in an attempt to slowly perfect the prototype.

Led by Rodrigo García González (the inventor of the Hop! robo-suitcase), it seems there are still a few kinks with the product. For example, once opened it can’t be sealed again. There are also working on creating a bigger offering and presumably something a little more robust as the current membrane is only as thick as a fruit skin, not ideal if you are hoping to throw it into your jersey pocket!!

We have also heard rumours that the jellyfish textured membrane isn’t the most appetizing with some people likening the membranes to breast implants!

Regardless, credit where it’s due at least Rodrigo and his team are making an effort to solve this worldwide problem.

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