Forget emails, text messages and phone calls, bring back some old school chic with these wonderfully simple bicycle print note cards.

We have all experienced that feeling of joy on receiving a handwritten card in the post. Brighten someones day by combining bicycles and banter!




1. This embossed bicycle card is the perfect vehicle for your prose and poems. Send your favourite cyclists a note in this simple greeting card.

Price: £3.99

More information: Etsy


2. This card is from a collection by Anthony Oram. We love his style, and the fact that he does prints, mugs and various other bicycle related goodies.

Price: £2.50

More information: Anthony Oram


3. These are beautifully simple, five blank cards printed with the progression of a woman through her cycling life. Love it!

Price: £9.31 (for set of 5)

More information: Kate Berube


4. SpotMe greeting cards are a card and present in one! The front wheel features a reflective pin badge that can be removed and worn. The creation of textile artist Katie Barton, in her central London studio.

Price: £4.90

More information: SpotMe


5. An engraved wooden postcard, such a wonderful keep sake to send someone. Designed and crafted in San Francisco, there are other none bicycle related postcards, but why would you want those?

Price: £6.65

More information: Cardtorial


6. A simple hand stamped note card, with matching envelope. It's often the simplest of statements that make the biggest impression, we love this!

Price: £2.65

More information: PocketsofFilm

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