Proudly display your love for all things two-wheeled at home. Perk up your walls with some bike inspired prints!

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1. Only having started producing artwork in August 2012, Mark Fairhurst's deco style images all pays tribute to "motion," all poster images are printed on heavy weight matt art paper and would look stunning anywhere in your home.

Price: £35.00

More information: Mark Fairhurst


2. Eliza is a former architect, studied at Glasgow School of Art and now a full time artist and illustrator. A diverse range of prints are available from Eliza, each as beautiful as the last, she also produces some on insects!

Price: Varies

More information: Eliza Southwood


3. The print 'Utopia' is part of a new series of bicycling inspired prints by Edward Chadwick. Featuring a inspirational quote from HG Wells. Simple but stunning!

Price: £20.00

More information: Edward Chadwick


4. AARON KUEHN is an American graphic artist. His recent work includes the Bicycle Typogram featured here, a bicycle depicted entirely typographically using only the names of their parts, simply amazing!

Price: Varies

More information: Aaron Kuehn


5. A rather haunting piece from artist Mackenzie Thorpe, titled 'In the Sound of the Siren'. Mackenzie's artwork is some of the most sought after in the UK and we think worth every penny.

Price: Varies

More information: Mackenzie Thorpe


6. We love this hommage to the UCI World Tour from Rebecca J Kaye, a minimalist race poster and infographics. Rebecca also prints t-shirts, greeting cards and other framed prints.

Price: Varies

More information: Rebecca J Kaye

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