Do you live and breathe cycling?

If you find your mind constantly drifts to improving your form on the bike then sometimes being at work for a large chunk of the day can be, well, a major inconvenience to your progression to the ranks of super-uber-pro-cyclist.

We’ve put our heads together and come up with 5 things you can do whilst you’re at work to make sure you’re ALWAYS progressing as a cyclist…


Lunges help to develop leg and hip strength, as well as abductor mobility (the muscles on the inner thighs) – all areas that are important for cyclists.

Walking lunges target your glutes, as you constantly move forwards – so, we wonder, why walk when you can lunge?

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Strength training for cyclists: The reverse lunge

You can lunge to the toilet, lunge to the kitchen, lunge to your meetings… we had a go, and everyone in the office thought it was totally normal once we explained it was because we’re going to be pro cyclists one day.


A hearty soup and some bread makes a great lunch, but before you tuck in, why not make the most of these handy little weights?

Your shoulders and arms support you when you ride – and the stronger they are, the less fatigue you’ll feel when spending long days in the saddle, and the more support you’ll get from your upper body on the climbs.

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So, before you tuck in to the yummy soup, take some time to lift it above your head. Need something heavier? How about 1L bottles of Coke? Just don’t open them straight away afterwards…


Short bursts of activity get your metabolism revved up, so working at a desk all day is a big no-no for budding bike racers who want to get their power to weight ratio skyrocketing.

Getting up from your desk often is an absolute must – which is great news for your colleagues, who will no doubt enjoy tea rounds at 20 minute intervals.

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If you can arrange for the kitchen to be moved up two flights of stairs, that’ll help too. Or you can always lunge there…


No good cyclist neglects to offer hand signals in the peloton – not a left turn, parked car or pot hole should go unmarked.

Road Cycling Hand Signals and Calls for Group Riding

The best way to ensure you never miss a mark is to make sure they’re so ingrained in your memory that pointing every obstacle or indicating every turn is simply second nature. So, next time you walk around that waste paper basket, indicate behind your back, when turning left down the corridor, make sure everyone knows by pointing in your intended direction.

You never know, it may catch on…


When you sit at a desk, it’s very easy to let your body slump, causing your shoulders to roll forwards and your hips to tighten up.

Sitting on an exercise ball forces you to sit up straight, and engage your core, strengthening the muscles that support you on the bike.

You can swap your chair for an exercise ball – just make sure no one kicks it out from underneath you…

There's our top 5 - have you got any to add?

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