So this little cycle hack is an oldie but goldie, and with the season for skirts and dresses coming out of hibernation, we figured it would be a great time to remember how to cycle in a skirt, without falling victim to public embarrassment.

'Penny in yo' Pants' surfaced a couple of a years ago by a group of women who came up with an ingenious, and oh so simple way of maintaining dignity and feminine ways whilst cycling in a dress or skirt. Although there are cycling skirts out there, they just aren't as comfy or stylish as your own.


Fortunately this little trick will transform your casual skirt into bike friendly apparel, and all you need is an elastic band (or hair band) and a penny. Here's how it works:

1. Grab a penny and an elastic band.

2. Push the penny from the back to the front of your skirt (between your legs) to form a button.

3. Wrap the band around the button-like-penny so it's secure.

4. Hey presto, your skirt is now bike friendly.

If you are baffled by these instructions, check out the video below. If you know of any simple cycle hacks, we want to know so please comment below and share your top tips.

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