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If you are bike mad and feeling flush, then have we got a treat for you? Yes we have.

We have rounded up 10 of the most expensive bikes in the world ever made. From precious metals to rhinestones, these bikes are definitely unique. And if you are more like us and you don't quite have enough spare cash lying around for one of these bad boys, fear not, window shopping in this case is almost as good!

Look back a decade and no-one would have believed you if you had told the bicycle fraternity there would be a market where small bespoke companies competed to produce the most expensive bikes in the world.

[part title=" 10 of the Most Expensive Bikes in the World: 24k Gold Extreme Mountain Bike"]


Biking doesn’t get any more bling than this, a 24k gold-plated mountain bike. And at $1m, its makers, the House of Solid Gold, claims it’s the world’s most expensive extreme mountain bike.

Handcrafted and overlaid with pure 24k gold, only 13 will be made to be sold, each one customised to the buyers needs. For extra glitz, the maker’s logo is picked out in 600 black diamonds and 500 golden sapphires, and the saddle is covered in chocolate brown alligator skin- a bike thieves heaven. Kim Kardashian called, she wants her bike back.

PRICE: $1,000,000

Stockist: House of Solid Gold

[part title="10 of the Most Expensive Bikes in the World: Aurumania Crystal Edition"]


If House of Solid Gold’s $1m gold bike is pushing your budget a touch too much, consider instead Swedish manufacturer Aurumania’s offering – also gold-plated, handmade and decorated with more than 600 fine Swarovski crystals, it’s a relative bargain at £66,000.

Details include a moulded leather saddle from traditional saddle-maker Brooks, and handlebar grips made of hand-sewn, chocolate-brown leather. Only 10 of these expensive bikes have been made, and the first was sold to a London man who promptly hung it on the wall in his lobby as art.

PRICE: €80,000

Stockist: Aurumania

[part title="10 of the Most Expensive Bikes in the World: Le Flâneur, Hermès"]

For a chic take on splashing the cash on two wheels, look no further than French high fashion house Hermès. Launched at the end of 2013, Le Flâneur, pictured here, and its sister model Le Flâneur sportif, each include bull calf leather saddles, a shock absorbing frame, luggage rack supports and the option of eight or 11 integrated rear wheel hub gears.

Handmade in France (of course), it’s made from ultra-lightweight carbon fibre, weighs just over 24lbs and is available in charcoal, red or white. One of the cheapest on our most expensive bike list, coming in at $10,750.

PRICE: $10,750

Stockist: Hermes

[part title="10 of the Most Expensive Bikes in the World: Chrome Hearts x Cervélo bike"]


The American luxury motorcycle gear brand Chrome Hearts teamed up with Cervélo, the prestigious racing bike manufacturer, to create this, a mash up of a time trial bike and a Harley Davidson.

Featuring lots of leather, typically lavish Chrome Hearts custom graphics, precious metals and rhinestones, this is based on Cervélo’s P4 TT. That model usually retails for around $6,000; this special edition goes for $60,000. You wouldn't want to get this stolen now would you?

If pimped up speed is your thing, get saving – the P Series of time trial bikes from Cervélo has won more pro races than any other.

PRICE: $60,000

Stockist: Chrome Hearts

[part title="10 of the Most Expensive Bikes in the World: Montante Luxury Gold Collection"]


The stylish Italian bike manufacturer Montante has thrown its weight into the gold-plating business, producing this, a classic ladies-about-town bike, finished with the now-ubiquitous 24k gold plating and 11,000 Swarovski crystals.

With a pedigree for making elegant and expensive bikes, this Montante comes with some chic accessories as well; a saddle, bike pump and chain covered in python skin, and the mudguards are made from stem-bent birch covered with elm lacquered leaves. What else would you expect for $46,000?

PRICE: $46,000

Stockist: Montante

[part title="10 of the Most Expensive Bikes in the World: Tiffany & Co Silver-Mounted Lady’s Bicycle"]


Celebrated nowadays for its little blue boxes and big sparkly diamonds, in the 19th century Tiffany & Co didn’t just make glamorous jewellery, it also created various unusual objects, including this, a silver-mounted ladies bicycle.

Only one of a handful of bicycles that was produced in the late 1890s, it went under the hammer at Bonhams in New York in 2008. Featuring carved ivory handle grips and Tiffany monogram, it sold for $57,000.

We're just hoping that the owner brought a good lock to go with it as well!


Stockist: Bonhams

[part title="10 of the Most Expensive Bikes in the World: Bianchi by Gucci"]


Launched back in 2011 by two of Italy’s most enigmatic brands, the pairing of Bianchi and Gucci was a match made in heaven. The carbon-fibre two-wheeler retails for $15,600, and is complemented by a $900 Gucci cycling helmet, a pair of Gucci cycling gloves at $300 and a Gucci water bottle for $105, if you wish to fully buy into the expensive bike look.

Finished with Gucci’s signature green-red-green web stripe branding on the tube, the Y2BM1 isn’t all style over substance – it weighs just under 10kg and comes equipped with a top of the range Shimano groupset and a custom San Marco Mantra saddle.

PRICE: $15,600

Stockist: Gucci

[part title="10 of the Most Expensive Bikes in the World: M55 Terminus hybrid bike"]


Five years in development, M55’s flagship model hybrid first appeared at the Top Marques supercar show in Monaco in 2011 – a fitting place for a bike as tech as this. Made from an aluminium frame and with air shocks at the rear, braking comes courtesy of Formula One technology in the shape of Brembo floating disc brakes, front and back.

Starting from $35,200, the Terminus gives an electric assist to pedal action and a built-in rotation sensor detects when the rider needs a helping hand. Aimed primarily at off-road use, its max speed is 42mph.

PRICE: From $36,200

Stockist: M55

[part title="10 of the Most Expensive Bikes in the World: Aston Martin & Factor One-77"]


Based on the One-77 car, Aston Martin’s most advanced and expensive model ever, the four-wheeled manufacturer teamed up with a two-wheeled manufacturer, high-end Factor Bikes, to create the One-77 bike – a seriously advanced piece of kit.

From its frame through its fork to the handlebars, the expensive bike is made carbon fibre and has an integrated LED lighting system plus a computer system that puts your run of the mill sports laboratory to shame. Rounding things off, and with a nod to its supercar heritage, the One-77 sports hand-stitched leather handlebars and saddle.

PRICE: £25,000

Stockist: Aston Martin

[part title="10 of the Most Expensive Bikes in the World: Trek Butterfly"]


Sold at auction at Sothebys in New York in 2009 to raise money for the LiveStrong cancer charity, this Trek Modane model, known as Butterfly thanks to the hundreds of real butterflies adorning its frame and wheels, became the world’s most expensive bike when it sold for $500,000.

Ridden by disgraced Lance Armstrong in the final stage of 2009’s Tour de France and designed by Damien Hirst, the bike caused controversy due to the artist’s use of real butterflies. The Trek Butterfly is just one of several Trek bikes that have sold for huge sums at auction over the years.

I guess this throws what our friends at Unbound thought was the world's most expensive bike right out the window!

PRICE: $500,000

Stockist: Trek

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