If you're not into the typical cyclist attire of Lycra and high-vis then there are plenty of other options out there which offer function and style.

We've put together a guide for cyclists looking for essential cycling kit, with a bit of fun and fashion thrown in the mix. But firstly, if you're looking for some wardrobe inspiration for your commute take a peek at these:



You don't need to have a super high-end aero helmet to cycle the city and helmets have come on a long way from the bulky mushroom style helmets that used to burden us in our youth.

With so many stylish helmets out there to chose from, there's no excuse not to put a lid on it! Bern, Nutcase and Sahn have all made a strong collection of helmets for female commuters and some of them are pony-tail friendly too!


Hairstyles for Helmets: Plait Buns

And who said that you can't be creative with your hair as a cyclist?

We've put our creative caps on and tried and tested some great helmet friendly hairstyles that won't get spoilt underneath your helmet. Here are a few of our favourites:


urban top feature

In order to not arrive at your destination looking like a hot sweaty mess, it's best to find comfortable clothing that will help wick away moisture and keep you cool for your journey. Although the most important factor is whether you can move enough and aren't restricted whilst riding.

Most products that are made for running also work really well for cycling in. Smartwool make some great Merino baselayer tops which have been designed with style and performance in mind.

Some of our favourite brands for stylish commuter tops include: Primal - Rapha - Vulpine and Mien.


Bike Nicks 01

If you need a little cushion for your undercarriage when cycling, but don't want to wear thick nappy-like chamois shorts, then worry not because there's a number of fab urban underwear on the market.

Reviewed: Bike Nicks luxury cycling lingerie

These knickers aren't meant for the long hours in the saddle. They're discreet, comfortable and provide just enough padding to take the sting out of any saddle discomfort.

Some of our favourite brands for cycling knickers include: Urbanist - Bike Nicks - Giro



The bottoms department in the world of cycle clothing is pretty good since urban cycling has been on the rise.

Many brands have designed cycle specific jeans, chinos and leggings that give maximum performance on the bike as well as making you look the part. The great thing about this is that you can often ride to a meeting, or coffee date and not have to change outfits.

Some of our favourite brands for awesome cycling bottoms include: Vulpine - Pixi (coming soon) - Giro -



The key here is to find a jacket that's light, protective and works well with you as you ride.

Reviewed: Vulpine's British Cycling Trenchcoat

Urban cycling jackets come in a variety of cuts, colours and with heaps of useful features to combat the elements, whatever the season. Water and wind resistant properties have become a common standard, along with subtle reflective detailing.

Some of our favourite brands for gorgeous cycling jackets include: Vulpine - Howies - Polaris - Café du Cycliste

With the rise in urban riding and commuting to work by bike, the cyclist's fashion scene has erupted in a colourful display of awesome and practical garments to see you from A to B, with a fun detour in between.

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