We've been waiting years for this and now the time has finally come as Rapha launches their first saddle collection.

Having perfected their bib-short technology, Rapha set their sights on developing a comfortable performance saddle to complement their existing range of clothing. The results of their extensive research and development are two models with two sizes; Classic for longer days and Pro Team for more aggressive riding.


“We wanted to create an unrivalled riding experience by combining the Rapha chamois with a saddle, so we recruited the most experienced saddle manufacturers, developers and engineers in the industry to help us create a system that could provide total comfort," said Alex Valdman, Creative Director at Rapha


These saddles are constructed from foam density that has been tuned to rider weight and works as a system with Rapha bib shorts (Pro Team II and Classic II) to achieve the optimal comfort through compression. Lightweight carbon construction, made by hand in Italy has just a one-piece carbon rail running the entire length of the saddle, providing flex and compliance for a more comfortable contact point.


The Rapha Classic Saddle (Narrow and Regular) - £180

The Rapha Pro Team Saddle (Narrow and Regular) - £295

The Rapha RCC Pro Team Saddle (Narrow and Regular) - £295

For more information, the saddles and a pick one up for yourself, head over to the Rapha website here.

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