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One of my favourite pairs of shorts, the Sugoi Women’s Evolution Team shorts are very well constructed and comfy to wear.

The chamois pad is contoured in all the right places and designed to give plenty of ventilation – I’ve worn these shorts for rides of up to about 50 miles and been very happy with the padding they offer.

The Evolution Team Shorts are made of two different fabrics – there is a thick mesh-like material that covers the crotch and comes up to the waist, and is great for wicking away moisture, then the legs are made of a very comfortable and silky nylon, polyester and spandex mix, which effortlessly follows your contours and stays in place without any hassles. The hem has silicon tape all round and thanks to clever stitching, doesn’t dig in.

The waistband is suitably wide so it doesn’t dig in, either – and comes up high at the back so there’s no chance of you flashing a bit of flesh.

The only niggle is the material has already snagged in a couple of places, but it’s not hugely noticeable.


- Great fit

- Comfy waistband and hems at legs

- Well designed chamois pad


- none

Price £64.99, available from Sugoi.


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