In a world where environmentally damaging behaviour is becoming more and more obvious in our society, a number of sustainable and eco-friendly brands have taken on the mission to help in their own inspiring ways.

Gear up for an eco-friendly bike ride

SIGG is a Swiss-based water bottle manufacturer who specialises in producing water bottles that are guaranteed to be free from estrogen-mimicking substances and phthalates which not only can have adverse effects on the body but being reusable, they also reduce the amount of single-use plastic we go through.


“I’m so thankful for the amazing, diverse and beautiful earth that we live in. We all want to acknowledge the impact of our actions and take more responsibility. Plastic bottles are one of the most common items of litter in the ocean so trying to cut down seemed a great place to start." - Rachel Atherton

Can you imagine how much water and plastic bottles a race team go through at each event? Quite a lot. So Trek Factory Racing has teamed up with SIGG as an official race partner that will see the team not only use their environmentally aware water bottles but also help roll out initiatives to spread the good deed throughout the mountain bike scene.