If you’re an avid touring cyclist and tend to find the batteries on your devices don’t last as long as you do, the updated Solarmonkey Adventurer could well be for you.

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Easy to attach to a backpack or panniers, this solar powered device will charge up a range of devices, including mobile phones, sports watches and tablets.

The brand new 2015 version is now slimmer and more compact, and incorporates Maximum Power Point Tracker (MPPT) Technology to enable it to charge during low light conditions, as well as an integrated internal battery for back-up power during the night.

As well as weighing just 265g, this little device is water and shock resistant, so it’ll cope with those bumpy roads and drizzly days just as well as you do.

A representative from Powertraveller said: “Low battery power is the ultimate nemesis for anybody who spends more than a day away from mains electricity. The way we designed the Solarmonkey Adventurer 2015 was to give explorers the freedom to harness and store their own power during the day and the facility to charge their gadgets overnight when away from mains electricity."

The new model has the capacity for 3500mAh – in human speak two charges on an iPhone 6S, three charges of a GPS unit and 25 per cent of an iPad. It features a coloured light which shows the level of charge and a self-sensing technology, meaning it will only charge a connected device if needed.

The unit, which comes in a handy carry case, costs just £85 and is one of a few different options for travellers. For those not into touring, and after something more slimline, there are non-solar power options which juice up at home and can be taken with you on a ride.

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