Over the years, the emoji keyboard has grown so vast that you can now hold entire conversations via these tiny picture icons.

Back in the golden age of MSN messenger, we were lucky to have a select few smiley faces to represent our feelings of happiness, sadness and shock. Today, we have an entire keyboard of these characters to provide visual aid to our text, and even replace text altogether!

Do women need period emojis?

A lot of updates have been made to these picture icons in ways of gender equality. Many of the action graphics, which were once represented by mini male characters, have now been expanded on to include more female alternatives.

bike emojis

The latest iOS update from iPhone now includes female road and mountain cyclists, with a variety of skin tones to choose from. Not only is it the female cyclists who are getting their equality, but the surfers, weightlifters and runners too.

So next time you go for a ride, or just finish a trail run and you fancy telling the world, or your friends, you now have an accurate emoji to accompany your words, or lack thereof.