We've seen our fair share of images of female pro cyclists using their bodies to raise their profile, make a point, or simply because they wanted to. The jury is still out on how helpful that is for the sport, but today it was Italian former pro Mario Cipollini who made headlines by dressing down.


The ex-sprinter received criticism for a recent image he posted on his Facebook page, which featured him riding sans helmet. In response, he shared the picture of himself wearing just a helmet, with his socks and shiny DMT shoes.

The 48-year-old posted the picture with the caption: "Indoor training... I put the helmet on [when riding] the rollers, too! I am grateful to your advice about my protection!"

no helmet

There's a clear parity between Cipollini's picture and the images of Victoria Pendleton that appeared in The Observer Sport Monthly before her attack on the 2008 Beijing Olympics, and of Lance Armstrong for Vanity Fair way back when.


Whatever you think, we reckon Mario's made his point clear.

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