UK's leading bike manufacturer, Brompton Bikes, have stepped in to help commuters during the anticipated London tube strikes next week.

A 24 hour strike is set for 6.30pm on Tuesday January 26, with two further dates planned in February - but Brompton are doing their bit by hiring out bikes for just £2.50 per 24 hours.

Designers of the iconic folding bike for commuters and urban riders, Brompton Bikes, have been paving the way for city riding since the mid 70's and we do think this latest scheme is an excellent idea.

brompton bike

Once you've registered and reserved your hire bike, you can choose to collect it from any of their 20 docking stations across London and the South East, and beat the delays whilst getting some fresh air and fitness on the go.


Your folding hire bike is easy to stow away at work, in the boot of your car, or even take home on various transport services, and weighing roughly 11kg, makes it light and efficient.

To register and reserve your Brompton Bike for the strikes, head over to their website here.

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