Strava Premium users will receive two months of free access to Zwift – an indoor training tool which makes turbo training more fun by allowing riders to race against each other online.

To use Zwift, riders simply need to use an ANT+ speed/cadence sensor, heart rate monitor or power meter when training indoors and they’ll be transformed to a computerised online world.

When a rider produces extra effort they’ll speed up on screen, and they'll slow down virtually if they back off. Even the effect of drafting is taken into account so team mates can get together and compete if they wish.

The most accurate way to measure effort is via an ANT+ Smart Trainer, the second best option us using an ANT+ power meter, but speed/cadence sensors can be used as the software will run a calculation based on the trainer you are using.


[related_articles]Riders can choose between an array of landscapes to attack in their virtual world, and Strava Premium members will be enjoying two months of membership for free (usually £8 a month) starting early in November.

To cater for the increasing use of the virtual platform, Strava are also updating their feeds to distinguish Zwift activities from real life - so that indoor rides appear on a separate leaderboard. Currently, if a rider chooses to cover a well-known climb on Zwift, they can still compete on the real-life leaderboard – leading to much confusion over individuals seemingly climbing the (snow covered) Tourmalet in December!

David Lorsch, Strava's VP of Strategy and Business Development, said: "We want Premium athletes to have the most engaging experience possible – all year long, whether they're indoors or outdoors. This makes for a natural and compelling partnership with Zwift. Strava Premium cyclists will now have access to an incredibly engaging indoor platform and will get even more value out of their membership."

Mike McCarthy, Zwift’s VP of Partnerships said: “We’re teaming up with Strava to dramatically improve the way that cyclists ride indoors. There is a natural synergy between the social indoor experience Zwift delivers and the social network Strava has built around outdoor activities. Riding indoors more often with greater motivation and access to data helps build fitness that helps riders enjoy their outdoor rides much more."

Strava Premium costs £3.99 per month and grants access to Strava’s most innovative technology, such as customizable indoor training plans, videos and tips from the world’s best coaches.

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