There are a lot of things being done to help improve the world of cycling, now and again one of which really catches our eye. Cyclehack did just that.

Cyclehack is a global movement and organisation that seeks to improve the small irritating, everyday things that prevent people from cycling (the lack of cycle parking, the wrong clothing etc). They encourage the growth of new concepts around cycling to make it more accessible to everyone. Their second event will take place from 19-21 June.

It's a 48 hour event which will see people from all areas work with each other to develop innovative cyclehacks. These cyclehacks could be anything from a tangible product to a smartphone app, which can help to remove barriers in cycling. Cyclehack will provide the space and tools to prototype these cyclehacks and you provide the brain power. Pitch an idea on Friday and Sunday it could be made!

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Take a look at what came interesting cyclehacks came from last years event...


The Blind Spot Wrap places a vinyl wrap around vehicles, alerting cyclists of the driver's blind spots. This helps to ensure cyclists are aware when they can't be seen, allowing them to move to a safer position on the road.

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Aiming to create a better relationship between road users and cyclists, it's a great way of showing how people can work together to share the roads and stay safe.


A tongue in cheek campaign that sees 'Except Cyclists' signs dotted around the places vehicles can't enter (ie: dead end zones) in order to promote cyclists presence. 'Expect Cyclists' signs would then be put in areas where these dead zones end, reminding motorists of their presence.

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The Except/Expect Cycles concept barrier here was to create more awareness around cyclists, giving them the same status as car drivers, as well as highlighting new cycle routes for people to explore.


A TWC favourite, Penny in Yo' Pants caught our attention last year and is still making big movements in the cycling community.

Stylish Rainwear for Cyclists

Female cyclists face the barrier of not being able to wear everything they want whilst riding- skirts and dresses just aren't very bike friendly. But this concept is so simple it hurts. Take a penny from your purse, grab an elastic band and attach it to the bottom of your skirt or dress and voila!


Release Your Inner Tube finds useful and interesting ways to put your old inner tubes to good use. It enables people to share ideas of their new inner tube re-cycled creations using the hashtag #releaseyourinnertube.

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The concept encourages the exchange of ideas between people, creating new friendly relationships in the cycling community and, helping people to become more self motivated.