We're about to look like that awkward kid at school that laughs at the joke about five minutes after everyone else. Perhaps snorting awkwardly or tripping up over a shoe lace at the same time - but we don't care.

Confession: we follow the Instagram/Twitter antics of GB's female track cyclists like the plague. Mainly because they always seem to be having a right giggle between what are probably vom inducing training sessions.

Usually that cake someone made or the 'do you even yoga' comment is hilarious, but not totally worthy of an entire article. But we've found an exception in the Very Curious Case of the £5 Red Slanket.

It started when Laura Trott posted a very fetching picture on Instagram.

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Trott has earned the respect of the nation by being absolutely invincible on the track. However, it didn't stop her mates pulling out the funnies. To the obvious amusement of Trott as well, who retweeted this response from Team Pursuiter Elinor Barker, featuring Scottish legend, Katie Archibald:

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It soon turned out that quite a few Team GB riders have the very same red slanket - including Ciara Horne...

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All the red slanket posting even promoted sprinter Lewis Olivia to rush out to purchase his very own superior-to-a-blanket evening wear.

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And there ends the Curious Case of the Red Slanket - it turns out everybody has one. Except us. We'll just have to make do with an ordinary blanket, but hey, we haven't won any Olympic, World, European or even National medals - so fair play.