First impressions are important in life, and if you want your child to fall in love with cycling as you have, you'll want to give them the best start possible.

There's been a lot of focus on children's cycling recently. Brands are becoming aware that the younger generations require nurture and support in order to achieve their dreams, and become champions. Canyon bikes have joined the ranks with their latest collection of children's bikes. Built to provide comfort, control and confidence.


The Canyon kid's range includes 3 models for ages 3 years and upward:

Canyon Offspring AL 16: has a 16" rear and 18" front wheel. Aimed at riders between 98cm and 110cm tall.

Canyon Offspring AL 20: has a 20" wheelset and is designed for riders between 110cm and 125cm tall.

Grand Canyon AL 24: has 24" wheelset and 65mm of front travel. For riders between 120cm and 153cm tall.


Each model has hydraulic disc brakes, and are designed to be ridden off road for a true mountain bike experience. Clever little features include rubber bumpers around the cockpit for additional safety, and super low stand over heights for additional confidence.

More information can be found on the Canyon website here.

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