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A cycling documentary 'Beyond Shrink it and Pink It' has been produced to highlight some of the stories and attitudes of key women in the cycling industry.

The five minute film begins with the words "Is cycling really a man's world?" and it's purpose is to show that it doesn't need to be.

Interviewing Cinelli's Art Director, Alessandra Cusatelli, the fashion designer behind Findra active wear Alex Feechan and Cyclehack director Sarah Drummond the video explores their experiences and the motives behind their work.

Discussing the lack of flattering mountain bike kit that inspired her to create her own brand, Feechan says: "I felt that what was available was an afterthought of the men's collection so from a designers perspective looked like they suffered from the shrink it and pink it approach ."

Drummond - who came up with the idea of Cyclehack which aims to break down barriers to cycling - adds: "If you look at women's marketing, it is a lot of pink lycra, and that's not really going to encourage people to get on their bike!"

She says she doesn't believe women's design is, or should be, different to men's - pointing out that the Penny in Yo Pants idea which uses a 'puck and band' to hold down a woman's skirt when cycling, came from a man.

Cusatelli has worked with Cinelli for 15 years and describes her work as "art, not just design or technology" and adds "I believe a lot of people know that it is me behind the Cinelli bikes, and that I am a woman. I do not think this should be a 'problem'."

The creators promise more videos to come - keep up with them here...