In order to land a drop it is crucial that you have really conquered the manual. If you are still mastering the art of that particular skill check out our simple step by step guide on how to do a manual on your mountain bike.

3 Essential Skills for Beginner Mountain Bikers

We enlisted the help of Katy Curd, 4X World Champion and coach extraordinaire to guide us through drop offs and how to conquer them successfully:

drop off mtb skills

1. The theory is actually the exact same as the manual - drop your weight down and slide yourself off the back of the bike.

2. Timing is crucial. As you approach the drop, drop your weight down. As your front wheel hits the edge of the drop slide yourself back.

3. Keep your eyes ahead - look as far ahead as you can see down the line you are taking.

Drop off 2 mtb skills

4. Make sure you get that front wheel up as you come off the drop.

drop off 3 mtb skills

If you fancy learning more from the pro in person, why not sign up for one of Katy Curd’s coaching courses in the Forest of Dean. Katy also coaches at two skills camps per year in Sierra Nevada, Spain with Pure Mountains.

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