Last weekend, the annual Cycle Hack event saw cities across the world spend two full days creating solutions to the everyday barriers that cyclists face on the roads.

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The event is a global movement across 25 cities, which involves cyclists creating small steps that will make a big difference to our world of cycling. These small steps are in the form of cycle hacks, which could be anything from an event, a product or a campaign which will help to break down these barriers, making cycling more accessible to the mass.

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A fun initiative with a great focus at its heart, over 100 witty and innovative cycle hacks were created and here are our favourites...


Now this idea is just genius. Bike theft is a horrible situation that most cyclists innocently find themselves a target of and this hilarious idea would surely help to deter thieves.

The Anti-Theft Stink Bomb hack was created in Prague by a group of cyclists who were wanting to create more awareness over bike theft, bringing humiliation upon the culprits.

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They are currently developing the product, a hidden stink bomb, which would be activated as soon the bike gets stolen. The idea even includes a digital platform which would publish footage of bike thieves and their 10 seconds of stinking shame!


A fun and motivating campaign which encourages cyclists to ride in #WhateverWeather. 'Bad' weather deters so many people from commuting by bike but this initiative aims to stomp that right out. Of course we can't change the weather but there's always a way to change someone's attitude!

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Developed in Glasgow, the Whatever Weather Campaign is an "opportunity to conquer the elements, feel alive and be a baddass on a bike". And they've created some pretty impressive hastags, #BikingViking and #WetWeatherWarrior are definitely our favourites.


The Wb Welcome Bikes campaign will dramatically improve city cyclists daily lives. Everyone should be able to pop quickly in and out of shops, but as a cyclist, it's such a nuisance to find somewhere to lock up your bike if you're only going in for 2 minutes.

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The initiative works to engage shop owners to welcome bikes inside their stores, using stickers in their shop windows, to shout loud and proud to the world that they're bike-friendly. What a flipping great idea?!


Saving cyclist's lives across the city, The Chain Gang is a pretty cool smartphone app that enables riders to call for help when they find themselves in need. The app gives cyclists a peace of mind that when the inevitable things go wrong with their bike, they know they can find a quick way out.

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Like a form of roadside assistance for cycling, the cyclist will state what's wrong with their bike and where they are in the city, calling upon locals to help with the repairs. Relying on the community, the idea is a not-for-profit organisation, awarding the people that help out with small gifts.


A nifty idea that will help to greater the knowledge of cyclist's rights, The Bicycle Rights and Duties Spokes Card gives riders a tangible product they can whip out if needed, showing the legal and illegal actions for cyclists on the road.

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It's a great idea to help break down the barrier of the lack of communication and understanding about what can and cannot be done by cyclists. This will help to educate new bikers, drivers, and even the police officers who do not know the laws related to riding bikes.