When cycling is a big part of your life, luggage and storage problems are things you most likely have to deal with on a daily basis. Bike baskets and pannier bags are life-savers when you need to carry things around with you but, nothing's safe from theft when left alone on your bike.

[related_articles] The Buca Boot concept? A secure locked case that fits onto your pannier, storing your goods like the security of a locked car boot would. This allows you to stop anywhere on a ride, pop into a shop and leave your things on your bike without having to take them with you. Genius!

As well as giving cyclists this peace of mind, the Buca Boot is weather resistant, made from a molded plastic with a gasketed lid to keep your valuables nice and dry. It's also very durable, surviving in one piece even after falling from a two story building in a production test!


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Available from Buca Boot (£135.00).