Sustainability is a word that is being thrown around a lot at the moment as we're all starting to panic about the damage we're doing to the planet on a daily base.

Many eco-conscious people do choose to cycle over taking the bus or driving a car whenever possible and that's something we should all be striving to do. But, there are a few exceptionally sustainably-minded people out there that are a couple steps ahead of us and have already developed fantastic eco-conscious businesses using bicycles.

From getting potatoes delivered to your door just in time for your supper, to having your coffee made by a pedalling barrister, and moving the contents of your entire house from one side of the city to the other on a bike - it's all possible, and we've spoken to the people making it happen.

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Started by cycling enthusiast father and son duo Johan and Nils Wedin, MOVEBYBiKE is an eco-friendly Swedish company that transports large items by bicycle.

When Johan and Nils moved to Malmo a few years ago, they both decided to live car-free lives. Malmo is reputed for being the most cycle-friendly city in Sweden, so the pair didn't predict any problems arising as a result of them not having access to a car.

It wasn't until they were faced with having to transport large items that couldn't possibly fit in their panniers, that they realised why lots of people couldn't imagine a life without cars, trucks and vans.

Undefeated, they dreamed up MOVEBYBiKE to prove to themselves, as well as to everyone else, that it really was possible to live without cars - even when you're moving house.

Johan says: "In the beginning we thought we would do just moves, but we soon realised there were a lot of goods to be transported in a sustainable way."

So now, the company will transport any large item, or large volume of small items, in their specially designed trailers each of which can hold up to 300kg. That means one cyclist can transport a wardrobe and two beds, or a sofa, chest of six drawers and a table all in one go. Pretty nifty, we think.

At present MOVEBYBiKE operates in Malmo, Lund, Stockholm and Orebro in Sweden, and in Copenhagen in Denmark. Johan says that although the company aren't in the position to expand further abroad at present, "it will happen in the future".

We can't wait until it makes it to the UK.

As well as MOVEBYBiKE trailers, the company also run a Bicycle Bus scheme in Malmo. These buses are really wagons that are pulled by a one-man bicycle, and they can seat up to 12 preschool children.

Popular with birthday parties and childcare groups, a Bicycle Bus is a fun way to transport children to a day-out anywhere in the city.

Although London certainly doesn't have a good enough network of bike lanes for this to seem like a safe idea, in Malmo it certainly is.

Once again, Scandinavia is at the forefront of cycling possibilities. But, we do have a couple of our own pioneering bike businesses in the UK too...


Creators of electricity-free, pedal-powered coffee trikes, Velopresso is run by eco-conscious duo Amos Field Reid and Lass Oiva.

The pair began manufacturing in their East London factory at the end of 2014 and have built four trikes to date.

Amos is confident that this year "will be a very big year for Velopresso" and predicts to sell between 20 and 30 made to order trikes in 2015.

Amos adds: "There are lots of wonderful mobile coffee vehicles out there, but nothing quite like Velopresso." He believes that "cycling is integral to successful urban futures" and that's why so many people are attracted to the idea of a coffee trike that requires absolutely no electricity to make a delicious espresso.

Velopresso has already had orders for their trikes across Europe, in the USA, Australia and of course the UK too. One start-up that is already using a Velopresso trike for their business is pop-up coffee company Wake up and Smell the Coffee.

Amos promises us that the pedal-powered coffee trike is just the "first of several planned specialist bicycle products we will develop and manufacture". We are very excited to see what they come up with next.

To get your hands on a coffee trike for your business, check out Velopresso's website or follow them on Instagram. And to see if there's a coffee trike popping up near you soon, follow Wake Up and Smell the Coffee on Twitter.

Images (c) Ivan Coleman, courtesy of Velopresso Ltd

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London's first organic vegetable delivery company by bike. CyclingVeg was set up last year by sustainable development graduate, Simone Saviantoni.

Unhappy with the options for vegetable deliveries already available in the capital, Simone set out to start his own completely sustainable and eco-friendly company that would lessen his carbon footprint and provide central London with tasty, organic, seasonal fruits and vegetables sourced from local farms.

Customers can choose between a number of different vegetable boxes starting at £8.50 for the essentials box and going up to £25.50 for the family box. Choosy vegetable eaters can also create their own custom box, and there are special fruit only, salad only and juicer boxes available too.

Simone has big plans for CyclingVeg, and hopes to expand his delivery radius in the near future as well as provide a framework for others to mirror his work around the rest of the UK and abroad.

If sustainable, free and efficient organic vegetable deliveries appeal to you (and you live in central or south London), head to CyclingVeg's website and you could have your first order placed in seconds. Handy one hour delivery slots make it easy to plan your vegetables arrival around the rest of your day and the abundance of seasonal veggies on offer is really impressive.

Also, if you're looking for a job that you can do on your bike - they're currently hiring too.