We are seeing more and more products hit the market that merge two purposes into one. People as consumers are obviously much more likely to buy something if it can solve two problems, right? Especially parents.

[related_articles] This is where the Pahoj comes in handy for parents who love to travel around by bike. It's a 2-in-1 child's bike seat that also works as a stroller. The handy attachment system allows it to switch from stroller to bicycle seat in a matter of seconds.

It solves the problem of cycling to a destination with your child and then having to carry them around once you arrive. Perfect for trips to the park, the zoo and even the museum.

The simplicity of this product is what makes it so appealing, it really just does what it says on the tin! Featuring brakes and an adjustable harness, it can carry a child up to 22 kg.

The concept is a great way of encouraging parents to cycle with their children, with a lot of people opting for car trips to get around as it's a much safer option in their eyes.

It's such an innovative cycling product, there's no wonder that the designer hails from Sweeden and has lived in Amsterdam for many years.

As with all things these days it's still a Kickstarter campaign, so there's no chance of being able to buy one right this second.