multi tool furniture

Sometimes it takes a dramatic event to occur in life to make you really realise how special something really is. Take my multi-tool for instance, it sits in my bag to serve one purpose only, to help me fix my bike when needed.

And although quick bike maintenance was the intended job for this little object, over the years I've found that it to have a whole lot more use than I had thought...

Cool Bike Gadgets: Carry-Less Tools

multi tool bottle opener

Luckily, my multi-tool has a nifty bottle opener on it, look out for this when you're buying one. You'll soon become the post popular girl at the summer picnic or office party.

Cool Bike Gadgets: Game Changing Bike Locks?

multi tool scratch card

Now don't get me wrong I am no gambling addict but I am partial to the odd scratch card from time to time. Let's face it there is no better feeling than handling what you know is going to be a winner.

But then disaster strikes, you search frantically to find a penny to reveal your winnings. But you have no coins on you. You look desperately down at your nails, questioning what possessed you to bite them all off during that particularly stressful situation in work the day before.

Thank the lord for the multi-tool, yet again it comes to the rescue.

Cool Bike Gadgets: Rainy Riding

multi tool furniture

No matter how hard it is to assemble their flat-pack furniture, the multi-tool always saves the day. It will honestly help you put up every single product Ikea has to offer (that they think you can easily build yourself).

And sorry but where are the instructions? All I can see is confusing pictures...

Cool Bike Gadgets: Unusual Cover Ups

broken photocopier multi tool

The look of surprise when you come to the rescue with your multi-tool when the photocopier breaks down yet again.Let's just say, the more the photocopier breaks, the more I am respected by the office IT guy. I am even convinced he is the one who sent me those mystery flowers last month.

Cool Bike Gadgets: Life-Saver Saddles

multi tool internet modem box

Why is the reset button on everything always so minuscule? The 2mm hex key sorted my problem out no time. The dodgy internet however, still hasn't been fixed. Reboot...

Cool Bike Gadgets: Brighten up your Ride

Bicycle has flat tyre and woman pump it up

Adjusting saddle height, tightening loose handle bars you name it that multi-tool will come to the rescue. So we have to admit that multi-tool actually is used for its intended purpose from time to time!

multi tool weapon

You're walking home alone at night, there's a 'creepy looking' person walking behind you and let's face it, it is hard not to let your mind wander to thoughts of attackers and thieves. Carrying a multi-tool has (shamefully more than once) made me feel a whole lot safer!

We're only talking for self-defence and peace of mind here, but if someone approached you with a fully opened multi-tool, I think you would run a mile...

multi tool paper weight

They are surprisingly very heavy and who even buys fancy paperweights anyway?

And a note of advice to anyone thinking of buying a paperweight as your office Secret Santa present this year - buy the person a multi-tool instead. Even if they don't cycle, they'll grow to love it!

Cool Bike Gadgets: Portable Music Devices

multi tool camping food

Forget knives and forks. A multi-tool can provide you with everything you need to cut (yes I chopped up a courgette with a multi-tool) and eat your food with! Anti-bacterial wipes also came in handy here...

So when you're next looking to buy a multi-tool, make sure to buy the one with the most weird and obscure gadgets/objects hanging of it. Even if you have no idea what they are for, you never know how handy they might prove to be one day. And if you've ever used a multi-tool for anything non bike related, let us know via Twitter!

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