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Every beginner cyclist makes a few mistakes along the way as they explore the skills, techniques and conventions of their new found favourite hobby.

All the Kit You Need for Your First Sportive

Here are 10 of the most common - at team TWC we've made most of them at one point or another. Are you guilty of any of these?

A woman looking at an upside down bike ready for repair

It's all very well and good having the inner tube - but it's no use without a set of tyre levers and a pump...

How to: Change an Inner Tube


Someone should have told this rider not to pack the kitchen sink for a quick spin around the block...


You're burning calories as you ride, so you need to keep nibbling away and sipping a drink as you go to avoid "the bonk" - a calorie deficit.

Read this piece for advice on how to avoid the bonk, and what to do if it does happen.

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You do need to keep your carb stores topped up, but you don't need to replace every calorie you burn - trying to do so will result in fatigue as your body desperately tries to digest your Big Mac...


Every time someone places a pair of cotton knickers between a carefully engineered chamois and their nether regions, a kitten dies.

Ask the Expert: Should I Wear Underwear Under Cycling Shorts?


Everyone gets lost sometimes - but as you get to know your local riding roads and trails, it will happen less often. That, or you'll buy yourself a cycling computer with mapping capabilities.


There is nothing wrong with getting a little mucky (especially if you're playing on the trails!), but many chain tattoos is usually an indication of a beginner who hasn't learned where to put their feet when they stop, yet.


We're not big on "the rules" - we reckon you should wear what you're comfortable in.

However, generally roadies don't wear tri suits or peaks on their helmets...

Clipless Pedal Fail ed

Everyone has a "clipless moment" at some point when they swap over to cleats and cycling shoes.

It's well worth it, though - here's everything you need to know about riding clipless.


The breeze in your hair, the sun on your skin...

However much the cool air chills you out, don't forget that sun is still hot - and remember to apply sun cream!

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