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5 Bonus Protein Foods

Looking to get that extra protein boost? These foods will help with that

Proteins are essential for bodies in training. They aid muscle growth, repair and hormonal signalling.

It’s important to get the right amount of protein within a balanced diet, but equally important to take it at the appropriate times of the day to get the most benefit from what you’re ingesting.

After a workout, you have roughly a 30 mins – 90 mins window to consume a healthy combination of protein and carbohydrates. The amino acids in protein are carried through the body by the carbohydrates to help repair and recover muscles.

It’s not always easy to measure out, pre-pare and plan your snack times and protein kicks. Life gets hectic and busy, but there are convenient foods which you can include in your diet for an additional protein boost.

Protein Bread

Bread is a natural staple in many diets, and with roughly 9g of protein per white slice, it’s an area that can certainly get beefed up with extra protein.

With the fitness wave, many nutritional and supplement companies have moved away from the pills and shakes and ventured into food production.

High protein bread is one area we’ve started to see develop. Usually made from oats, whey protein and whole wheat, it can contain anything from 12g – 16g of protein per slice. Substituting this into your daily lunchtime routine may give you that boost you need.

There’s many brands offering high protein bread, but this one is from P28 and you can buy it here for £5

Protein Crisps

When you’re craving a little snack, to keep the hunger at bay, grab yourself some protein crisps instead of your regular ones.

With a lot less salt, sodium and fat, these crisps are a healthy alternative with up to 15g of protein per pack. Made from whey protein milk and natural flavourings, you get a lot of protein for your buck.

There are plenty of brands and flavours to choose from with protein crisps and bites. These are £6 for 6 packs, and available here

Gluten Free Protein Pretzels

Made from soy protein isolate, these mini bites come in small 1.2g servings but are packed with 12g of protein.

Although these make for a great little snack on the go, they aren’t likely to be very filling in their small amounts.

Kay’s Naturals make a wide variety of gluten-free, high protein snacks. You can buy these pretzels here for £6.30, for 6 bags.

Protein Bars

We’re probably most familiar with protein bars as they decorate the desks of our local gyms and leisure centres.

These come in a variety of sizes, shapes and numerous flavours. Rolled oats, nuts and dried fruit, these tasty little treats are packed with protein. Keep an eye on the sugar content when looking for a delicious bar to snack on, but overall these can help rich protein content to really give you those essential daily grams.

Peanut Butter

Peanut butter is a yummy spread which is versatile in use. You can use it as an ingredient for smoothies, cakes and bakes, eat it on toast and even just eat it raw.

Recipe: Peanut Butter Cookies

Rich protein varieties can offer an additional 9g than its standard counterparts. With up to 14g of protein per 2tbsp serving, this yummy spread will give you all the the goodness you need.

P28 is a leading brand in nutritional foods, and their peanut butter comes in a variety of delicious flavours. Check out their website for options.

Although we think these protein rich foods are a great little boost in the diet, it’s not recommended to rely on them too much. The best sources of protein are still the natural ones where you can’t really go wrong.

Be sure to check the ingredients labels also. Although the high protein content looks appealing, there may be a number of sugars and fats off-setting the overall benefits.

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